We make sense of your computer.

Tired of being stuck? Speak with one of our friendly, UK-based advisors and get the most out of your computer.

Why book a call?

Support you can trust

Your call will be with one of our team based in the UK. We go the extra mile to answer all your computer questions, however big or small. We don't stop there either, if we know about something that will support you that you haven't asked about, we'll show you that too and ensure you finish the call feeling great about your computer.

We know how you feel

We know that learning never stops but sometimes we don't know what we don't know! Our patient and friendly team recognise this and will take you through what you need step by step. Calls last 20 minutes as we know it can be a lot to learn but if you want to keep going, ask your advisor and we can add additional time at a reduced cost.

Empowering knowledge

Computers can be so frustrating - that's why we break them down into simple steps in language that makes sense to you. On the call, we don't just tell you what to do, we also help you understand how to do it yourself. To support you with this, we also follow up with an email and an optional recording of the steps you took so you don't have to ask again.

1 - Book a call

  • Book a time that suits you, now or later.
  • Payment is secure and simple.
  • We will email you a confirmation and receipt.

2 - Chat with us

  • Click on the call link in the email – no downloads required.
  • If you have trouble getting on the call, we’ll call you on your landline or mobile.
  • There are no stupid questions! Our team will listen to your problem and talk you through possible solutions.

3 - Learn how

  • You can choose to share your screen so we can see exactly what’s up.
  • We’ll go at your pace and make everything clear, no more stress!
  • We can even send you the call recording so you can recall the steps any time you like.

Meet the Team

Jude Kriwald

Nicola Twiston Davies

We’re Jude and Nicola, the founders of How Do I?, based in South London. We’re used to getting a lot of calls from our parents, asking us how on Earth they make their bloomin’ phone or computer do what they want them to!

And it turns out, so many people we know are equally frustrated by their devices. And so, we made How Do I? – a computer support service that is patient, clear and friendly-enough for anyone to rely on, regardless of age or experience.

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