Created by millennials.
Inspired by our parents.
Made for everyone.

We’re Jude and Nicola, the founders of How Do I? We’re based in London and used to get a lot of calls from our parents and their friends, asking us how on Earth they make their bloomin’ computer do what they want whilst steering clear of the growing number of scam attempts.

We helped them with all sorts from understanding how to log in to locked accounts, sharing photos on Facebook or Whatsapp, or just trying to zoom out after accidentally making everything on the screen too big!

We realised that while the world has become more digital, the support for people to understand and interact with it hasn’t kept up.

And so, we created How Do I? – a digital support helpline that is patient, clear and friendly-enough for our mums, dads, friends and you!

Our Values

  • We put empathy at the core of everything we do – we have all been in those stressful tech situations!
  • We want all our customers to go away feeling empowered. We pass our expertise onto you so that you can make your tech work for you again.
  • There’s no shame in not knowing. Whether it’s tech skills or keeping customers happy, we are learning with you and endeavour to create the environment to support you with that.

The How Do I? Story

During the spring of 2020, like so many others, our friends and family connected online in ways they never had before. Whether it was playing bridge online, video calling friends or launching new Facebook pages, computers became an even bigger part of our lives.

With all this change happening online, we noticed that for many, technology was a burden, whereas it should empower us. Some people can dart their way around the internet, whilst most get lost following tutorials.

Our research has told us that often people feel too stupid or embarrassed to ask for help, thinking that the gap in their knowledge must be a reflection on them.

At How Do I? we understand that being confident with computers is just like being confident in Mandarin or Swahili – if you didn’t grow up speaking the language, then you might need someone to teach you how! 

How Do I? was created to help you feel good about your computer, by supporting you to feel in control of it. We’re here to show you how to do whatever it is you’re stuck with, at a pace that works for you. We are experts in making a confusing situation crystal clear!

How Do I? will enable you to use your computer so that it does what it was designed to do: make your life easier, connect you to others and feel empowered!

Let us call you back

Choose a time that suits you for a free courtesy call from one of our colleagues. We'll answer any questions you may have about How Do I? and can even solve your tech problem on the call if you wish